Trying to Conceive (TTC)

Trying to conceive (TTC) our first child was probably the hardest thing I have been through to date.  Although it was ultimately a much easier journey than many people have, I found it incredibly emotionally draining and it eventually caused me to become depressed.

TTC took us several years.  It involved numerous medical appointments, tests and even a laparoscopy.  In short, the results finally showed that my eggs were ok but not fantastic, but my husband (BT) had poor sperm (A little update…).  As a result, we were referred for IVF on the NHS which was due to begin in early 2016.  This gave us a huge amount of comfort and positivity, until our IVF cycle was cancelled at the last moment due to us having moved to a different area (A date with the dildo-cam).

By some miracle, we found out in February 2016 that we had fallen pregnant naturally.  After an anxious 8.5 months, I gave birth in October 2016 (although not wanting to make things easy, this was also an incredibly stressful experience: Welcome to the world Baby Flat).  By an even greater miracle, we are expecting a second child in February 2018 (Life at the (almost) 11 month mark).

Although my sub-fertility journey was fairly short-lived compared to many, and it had a very happy outcome, I will never ever forget the fear that had that we would never become parents.  I will never forget the endless cycles of TTC, the waiting months and months for appointments and the total heartache every time my period came.



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