Return to employment!

Well it has been a busy couple of days!

I have written before (albeit in deliberately vague terms) about how I had to leave my previous job whilst on maternity leave.  Not only was this an incredibly stressful process in itself (due to a potential legal battle) but I was left in a panic about what it meant for my long term career prospects.

As I am now 18 weeks pregnant and live in the middle of nowhere, I have been extremely restricted in the roles that I can go for.  Having gone for a few interim roles with no success (unless you count the role that would have required a 5 hour daily commute…), my morale has been quite low.  I’ve been making lemonade out of the lemons and have been focussing on the extra quality time that I’ve been given with Baby Flat (which beats any amount of money!), but I have been concerned about my career and financial stability in the long term.

Anyway, as the world works in mysterious ways, on Friday I received a phone call at 3:15pm asking me to have a phone interview for a massive company at 4pm that day as they needed some immediate interim support.


After a manic hour frantically researching the company and getting interview ready, I had the interview and was told I would hear back early this week.  Cue: very anxious weekend trying to make provisional ‘plans’ for if I got the job, whilst trying not to get too invested.

As the hours passed by yesterday, I assumed it was a no-go and prepared myself for the ‘thank you but no thanks’ call.  As I had just talked myself out of everything, at the 11th hour I got the call and found out that I had got the job!

Before I knew it I was filling in all the new starter information and on an 8:30pm call being briefed on the project.  I start next Tuesday (a year to the day since I went on maternity leave) and the project could last anything from a month to three months+.

Although I am excited for this new opportunity, and it is the type of role I have been trying to get for a while, I am also terrified of how I am going to juggle it all.  Mostly I am worried about Baby Flat and how he will cope with suddenly spending long hours in nursery.  We have had to settle for a nursery I am not 100% happy with, due to the short notice and the location of my new job, which will make leaving him behind each day even harder.  The nursery is fine, but they just don’t seem very enthusiastic or clued up or helpful.  Maybe I am asking too much? Maybe it is just general ‘Mother Anxiety’.  I guess all I can do is see how the next few weeks pan out and hope the everything fits into place…


x x x


6 thoughts on “Return to employment!

  1. Congratulations!!!

    I hope you are wrong and that the nursery is actually awesome!! It’s hard leaving them there, but there are so many benefits that outweigh the downsides. You’ve got this!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!

      I hope you’re right. I keep trying to focus on the benefits (he gets to meet other children, there are more toys, he’ll hopefully get used to being around more people). It’s hard though. How are you finding it now? Does it get easier?

      x x x


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