A chilled weekend

It’s been another lovely, sunny weekend here in the UK.  We probably sound like complete loons to non-Brits, but we spend so much of the year stuck indoors as it’s so cold, dark and wet most of the time.  It then feels fantastic to be able to go outside without having to put a million and one layers on (and without constantly having wet feet, grrrr!).

In addition to the general feel-good vibe, it’s also amazing how much more you can get done when there’s daylight from pre 5am to post 9pm.  I just love it!

So I’ve made the most of not having too many plans and have just been tidying the house and making arrangements (in my head) for when the baby hopefully arrives.  I’m not sure if nesting is even a thing, and if it is I’m sure it doesn’t come until later, but I do feel a massive urge to clean everything and de-clutter the place.  I’ve been binning things like there’s no tomorrow and have put all my normal clothes (which I now can’t fit into as I have gained 17lbs already!) into storage and have been sending what I can to the charity shop.  In less than thrilling news, I’ve also purchased and put up some new curtains as our previous ones were so thin I’ve been having to get up at 5am when the sun comes up (as opposed to 5:45am when my alarm goes off, which is still pretty darn depressing!).


Kitty 1 supervised (or more accurately, fell asleep on the curtains and looked disgusted when I tried to move her).

I also spent some time doting on Dog and giving him a proper wash and LOADS of attention.  He’s really not in a good way now.  Not only is his tumour massive but his back legs have gone and so he struggles to walk or stand up.  After months of deliberation, we have decided we won’t operate as there’s a high chance he wouldn’t survive the operation and I hate the thought of him dying on the operating table having been cut open and had his insides pulled apart.  Instead, when the time comes, I want to be with him, cuddling him and telling him how much I love him.

Anyway, it was a sunny day and so BT and I let him run around (well, hobble around) outside in the garden and gave him a proper wash.  He was in his element and smelt and felt lovely! Sadly by the next morning he was covered in dandruff  again (apparently at this stage it’s almost impossible to cure the dandruff because all their reserves are going into fighting off bigger things).


WOOF.  Happy Dog.

We also started thinking about things we need to get for Baby Flat (very scary, and still feels as though we shouldn’t really think or speak about it).  We did however make our very first baby purchases from the local supermarket.  Just some little socks, two short baby grow things and a bigger baby grow.  I felt quite emotional buying them, and nearly didn’t, but BT said we need to start being positive and making plans.  I know to most people this is nothing but exciting, but it just feels like such a massive step for us.  That’s not to say we’re not excited, just…you know…it’s scary.

Today, one of BT’s best friends and his wife (who has become a good friend of mine) came over.  She’s a paediatrician and has also had a child, so was giving me lots of advice (e.g. she wouldn’t recommend giving birth in a midwife-only unit, which is what the local hospital is currently pushing us to do).  I did have to bite my tongue a little bit as she was saying she was upset as they’ve just started trying for their second child and her period has just come after their first month of trying.  As she fell pregnant on month one with their first child, she had assumed it would happen again.  She wasn’t bad about it and fully admitted she was being br*tty, but it did make me laugh! The thing is, sub-fertility has just warped my mind about the whole thing.  I have heard a few friends say “It took us a while, I think about six months”, and it’s just funny because six months is nothing at all.  But when we first started out I remember thinking six months seemed quite a long time and a year was almost unimaginable.  I remember seeing the stats saying 70% of healthy couples fall pregnant within six months and 85% within the first 12 months*. I never thought it would happen straight away, in fact I had always felt deep down that I would have ‘problems’ (perhaps because I wanted it so much), but when we started out I thought it was fairly probable that we’d fit into at least the 85%.

I guess with our friends, I shouldn’t really comment though and should just try to be sympathetic (which I hope I was).  I’m sure there are things that I take for granted and which have come relatively easily to me and other people may roll their eyes if I talk about them!

Have a good week everyone.  Good luck with the upcoming scans and tests!

*Most common stats.  These figures seem to vary quite  lot.  Some studies say as high as 85% within six months and 95% within 12 months! Doubtful!


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      1. Things are going well (as far as I can tell) . I have another cervix check tomorrow so I’ll post a real update afterward. I’m a terrible blogger!!

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